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Baby Girl With Pony

There is so much that is beautiful in this world.

And this video of this little girl with her best friend would be among the most beautiful I’ve seen.

This is so adorable that I don’t think I could ever describe it adequately with words.


What’s Life Without A Smile?

I regularly come across a number of photos of children and animals that are smiling and they’re beautiful.

So, why not share, right?  These are a few and try not to smile if you can!

Good luck!

Happy Baby & Dog

Happy Baby & Dog 1

Happy Koala

Happy Dog with Rabbits and Chicklet

Laughing Seal

Smiling Baby Alligator

Smiling Tiger

Smiling Pets

And Speaking Of Playful …

Growing up, our family had many pets – dogs, cats, fish, iguanas, hamsters, and an ocelot for close to a year.

So, I’ve always loved animals.  To me, they’re all beautiful and you’ll see me post pictures of them regularly.

And, what is as cute as a really playful puppy?

Playful Puppy

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