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Stop And Smell The Flowers!

Apparently, animals know it’s a good idea!


And who are we to argue!


They don’t look stressed to me!

Smell The Flowers


Location, Location, Location!

There are so many beautiful places on this Earth of ours.

Gudvangen Norway

From north (like Norway) …

Victoria Regia Water Lily and Lily Pads

To south (like Brazil) …

Cherry Blossom Lake Sakura Japan

And from east (like Cherry Blossom Lake in Japan) …

Wisconsin Sunset

To west (like this Wisconsin sunset)

This is a beautiful Earth we live on!

Such Beautiful Color In Our World!

Humming Bird

What would we do without color in our world?

And variety?

And spice?

Appreciate the beauty – it’s all around us!

All The World’s A Drop Of Water

Flower 22

Or maybe I should say, all the world’s in a drop of water.

And isn’t that beautiful!

The Perfect Pallette? You Bet!

Flower 10

But, could any artist reproduce all of these delicate hues?

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