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I Think You’ve Got Something I Want!

I know it’s in here somewhere!


Don’t worry, I’ll find it!


Feel like sharing?



Can’t We Just Snuggle?

Snuggling is a great human tradition, as I’m sure we all know.

But, sometimes we do it better than at other times.


So much contentment!

Happy Dog Couple

So she’s a little different!  So what!

Dog & Kitten

Caring, Tenderness – How Beautiful!

So many beautiful things in our world and not enough space to describe it all.

But, I find that some of the most beautiful things are what are inside us all.

When you see something like this, how could your heart not melt!

Hugging Otter

And when you see something like this, you see the best in us.

Horse Hug

Panda & Babies

And isn’t that a beautiful thing!


Baby Girl With Pony

There is so much that is beautiful in this world.

And this video of this little girl with her best friend would be among the most beautiful I’ve seen.

This is so adorable that I don’t think I could ever describe it adequately with words.

What’s Life Without A Smile?

I regularly come across a number of photos of children and animals that are smiling and they’re beautiful.

So, why not share, right?  These are a few and try not to smile if you can!

Good luck!

Happy Baby & Dog

Happy Baby & Dog 1

Happy Koala

Happy Dog with Rabbits and Chicklet

Laughing Seal

Smiling Baby Alligator

Smiling Tiger

Smiling Pets

Didn’t I Say That It’s All About Family? Indeed I did!


Yes, when children need someone to really help them navigate through difficult waters, there’s no better help than from our parents.

Otter & Baby

Children might not understand why parents are their best choice for guidance and protection because they have so much to learn.

Bird & Babies

But, we know who will really be there when our children are struggling through difficult times.

Grizzly Bear & Cub

Because we were already there, from the beginning.

The Best “Security Blanket”? Probably!

Cuddly Child & Cat

This reminds me of a time when I was in college, back in the 80’s.

We had six Siamese cats in the house and they’d try their best to get into my bedroom.

I was working 3rd shift, going to school 1st shift, and sleeping during the interim hours.

It worked out well for me because I was wide awake for my first classes at 8:00 AM.

But, one evening, my mother decided to check on me and to see if I would want to eat dinner.

She closed the door, but it didn’t latch.

So, at around 10:00 PM, when I was waking up, all six of the cats were on top of me, in a little bundle, on my chest and stomach.

I couldn’t move an inch, but it was the most comfortable, wonderful feeling.

And, I’ll never forget that evening.

Sometimes You Just Have To Face The Storm

Girl Rainy Day 2

You could be somewhere else, away from your personal storm.

But, what would you learn?

How would you know that you can stand up to it?

Girl Rainy Day

How would you realize that it’s just not as bad as you once thought?

Beautifully Innocent – Shouldn’t We All Be?

Girl & Elephant

A little girl and a baby elephant – friends yet they’re so different.

Shouldn’t we see things the way a young child would, so innocently and beautifully?

Well, Hello There Young Man!

Beluga & Baby

As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  And in this case, that couldn’t be more true.

This little toddler is probably awestruck by this curious passerby – just a chance meeting of the minds.

And what a beautiful thousand words this is!

When Angels Sing

I have several friends who are Filipinos.  And, you may recall that last fall the Philippines suffered two major natural disasters.   First was a major earthquake on October 15th and then Typhoon Yolanda, the strongest storm to ever make landfall (in recorded history) plowed through the Philippines on November 8th.

Not long after that terrible storm, one of my friends forwarded to me this video of these beautiful children singing like angels.  Other famous singers decided to participate and add their voices as well.  It was, of course, created to help motivate more people to come to their aid financially.  But, it was so beautifully done that the first time I saw it I couldn’t help but feel emotional.  I think, if you haven’t seen it, you’ll also feel emotional.  These children just sing so beautifully!

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World


This is my daughter Abigail at age 3. We were at the park that day, playing on the monkey bars.

What else would you expect a proud father to say about his “Little Pumpkin”?

And this is a picture of her from a few years ago, when she was in high school.

Abby 9

She is one of the inspirations in my life.

The Perfect Companion

Peekaboo Cat
The perfect companion?

It just might be someone who can share that quiet moment with you and see it through your eyes.

Inspiration In A Small Package

Sometimes inspiration comes in something that is big and beautiful and amazing.

And, sometimes it comes from the smallest packages.

Like these! Cheers!

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