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The Path Of Totality

August 21 was a day that captured the attention of the entire United States.  Yes, for a little while, we would be in total darkness!  And we would be in awe the whole time!

But, not all of us lived in or were close to the “path of totality” of the total solar eclipse.  Fortunately for me, I wasn’t too far away and a good friend lived right smack in the middle of it, in Westmoreland, Tennessee.  Better still, he owned a nice bit of land with a great view in all directions and the weather was clear blue skies!


This is just as the moon was about to cover the Sun.  It literally took about 15 seconds from beginning to block the Sun until fully blocking it.


What a spectacular day it was!



Shine So Bright!

This is called a “Wolf-Rayet” star, WR 124.

Wolf-Rayet Star WR 124

Thanks to NASA’s “Astronomy Picture Of The Day” website for this and many other fantastic space images.

Part of their description of this star is:

“Some stars explode in slow motion. Rare, massive Wolf-Rayet stars are so tumultuous and hot that they slowly disintegrating right before our telescopes. Glowing gas globs each typically over 30 times more massive than the Earth are being expelled by violent stellar winds.”

Violent, perhaps.  But also amazingly beautiful!

Big Is Beautiful, Too!

Pillars Of Creation

This is an iconic photo by the Hubble Space Telescope called the “Pillars of Creation”, the Eagle Nebula picture taken many years ago and always worth sharing.

Explosive Beauty!

Eta Carinae Supernova

This is called the Eta Carinae Supernova, which is an exploding star.  You wouldn’t want to be too close to this explosion.

But, from a safe distance, there’s something just spectacularly beautiful about this.

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