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And While I Was Away, I Made Some New Friends

Hummingbird Haven 2

These very nice folks out on the West Coast (Oregon) are a couple of the nicest people with their regular posts about the hummingbird activity on their property.

Hummingbird Haven

And, you’ll be amazed by the hummingbird activity there!


So, if you get a chance, say hello!  They’ll respond and thank you!  They’re pretty good with a camera!

Hummingbird Haven Barn


The Darker Side Of Beautiful!

Black Panther

I love animals and they’re just so beautiful it amazes me, like this black panther and this black wolf.

Black Wolf

And how about this little Big Guy!

Baby Gorilla

Beautifully Innocent – Shouldn’t We All Be?

Girl & Elephant

A little girl and a baby elephant – friends yet they’re so different.

Shouldn’t we see things the way a young child would, so innocently and beautifully?

Just A Splash Of This

Just a splash of this or that can add so much flavor to our lives.

Water Droplet 15

And that extra spice can be ever-so-beautiful.

About An Artist

My dad was a painter who did various types of scenes and portraits, some very realistic and others with fanciful colors.

One of his favorites is this painting, called “Regal”.


And, this is a photo of a “Golden Tiger”.

Golden Tiger

Art imitates life, sometimes in the most beautiful ways.

The Perfect Companion

Peekaboo Cat
The perfect companion?

It just might be someone who can share that quiet moment with you and see it through your eyes.

A Rainbow Of Fabrics – Or Not!

Magnified Butterfly Wing

I have to admit, when I first saw this picture, I thought it was some kind of textiles, perhaps various polyester threads.

Well, that’s not what it is at all!

This is a highly magnified wing of a butterfly!

That’s right, this is what a butterfly’s wing looks like when it’s highly magnified.

And, even as small as it is, look at how marvelously beautiful it is!

Hello Opal!

Ethiopian Welo Opal

This is called an Ethiopian Welo Opal and it looks like an underwater scene, bubbles and all!

International Earth and Sky Photo Contest 2014

Some of the most beautiful photos you’ll ever see and some are truly astounding!

City In The Clouds

Chicago Under Clouds

This is actually a reflection of the city of Chicago off of the nearby Lake Michigan, which is why Chicago looks upside down.

But, what an amazing picture!

Life As A Drop Of Water


Sometimes, something as ordinary as a drop of water can become something so much more beautiful.

Like this swan!

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