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Super Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse Coming Sunday Night – Eastern U.S.

Even when I was a kid, I’ve always had a fascination with the moon.  It’s up there and it seems so close!

IMG_0105(Taken by me in August 29, 2015)


On Sunday it’ll be extra BIG because it’s so close in its orbit around Earth, so it’ll be a Super Moon.  And, it will also be a total lunar eclipse that will be best viewable in the eastern half of the U.S.  This image shows the various viewing zones on earth.

1    b Eclipse-moon-September-27-2015

1    a Eclipse-moon-September-27-2015

And, this video will help!


Anticipating this Super Moon and lunar eclipse, I decided to take a few pictures tonight, through a hazy sky.



And, there is no truth to the rumor that my Sweetheart, my fiancée, was seen riding a great white shark across the face of the moon, as far as anyone can tell.




To My Friends: It’s Been Awhile

Last year, during the last quarter, was an interesting time in my life.  In this case “interesting” means both good and bad, but in reverse order.  I was fine and life was moving “swimmingly” until mid-October, when something of the “bad” variety happened.  It wasn’t my health and there was nothing I could do to undo the “bad” that was done and it was financially crushing.   I survived with a little assistance.  It hurt but it wasn’t a permanent hurt.


But, being frugal when times get tough is easy for me as I am very self-disciplined and I cut off the luxuries for a short time, including internet access.  Interestingly enough, a relatively new Facebook “friend”, from Italy, sent me a few text messages inquiring about my health and well-being, for my other friends on Facebook that I couldn’t be in contact with.  And, I was really surprised when I saw the “01” at the beginning of the phone number, meaning “international”.


It was late December, just a few days before Christmas, when I was able to get back online again and I was “stable” financially.  I survived and now I was going to catch up on some of what I missed.  It was about two weeks later when I was talking with a friend about how “Ron” from Italy had sent me text messages inquiring about me when no one else did.  This started something wonderful.  My friend mentioned something to me about “Ron” and said “she” and I was talking to him and then I said, “She?”


Well, I had only just gotten to know Ron in September, so I hardly knew him.  We belonged to the same Facebook group and we had similar ideas and that’s about as much as I knew about him.  But now, months later, my friend says “she” and I say “She?” and he says, “I’m pretty sure.  Didn’t you look at her Facebook page?” and of course I hadn’t.  Now I had to.  Later that evening, I went to Ron’s page and saw all of her pictures.  The following day, I spoke with her privately.  I mentioned how I didn’t think anything about “him” because the first name was “Ron” and I didn’t know that “Ron” was actually a woman and she laughed and laughed and laughed and made funny comments and laughed some more.  So I laughed with her.  And on that first time chatting I mentioned that she was very nice looking.  Maybe she noticed me, too.  (We can’t agree on who liked who first)
Rowena Canta 17

So she sent me a picture.  And we talked some more.  And we laughed some more.  And she sent me another picture.

Rowena Canta 62

So I loved her eyes.  And I began to love her.  And we talked and laughed and we laughed some more and she sent me more pictures, many more pictures, and I decided to ask her “the question” and I did.  And she said “Yes!”  We don’t live close, but we both feel the same about each other.  We talk daily and we laugh daily.  We have both adjusted some things for each other, to make time for each other when we’re 6 time zones away from each other, but we laugh like kids almost daily and she’s just special to me in ways I’ve never known.

Rowena Canta 89

She’s a nut!  With a great sense of humor!  She told me to get used to seeing her with a towel on her head and I couldn’t stop laughing!  And the end of a bad situation last year has turned my life around 180° and for the first time in several years, I was thinking about a woman in my life.  Well, that’s a mild way of putting it!

Rowena Canta 90Rowena Canta 96

Rowena Canta 73d

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