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What’s Life Without A Smile?

I regularly come across a number of photos of children and animals that are smiling and they’re beautiful.

So, why not share, right?  These are a few and try not to smile if you can!

Good luck!

Happy Baby & Dog

Happy Baby & Dog 1

Happy Koala

Happy Dog with Rabbits and Chicklet

Laughing Seal

Smiling Baby Alligator

Smiling Tiger

Smiling Pets


Feeling Playful?

As I mentioned in a previous post, my dad was a pretty good artist and painted people and animal portraits as well as various scenes, seascapes, underwater scenes, landscapes and much more.   This painting, however, was my favorite.

He’s called Playful.


About An Artist

My dad was a painter who did various types of scenes and portraits, some very realistic and others with fanciful colors.

One of his favorites is this painting, called “Regal”.


And, this is a photo of a “Golden Tiger”.

Golden Tiger

Art imitates life, sometimes in the most beautiful ways.

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