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Can’t We Just Snuggle?

Snuggling is a great human tradition, as I’m sure we all know.

But, sometimes we do it better than at other times.


So much contentment!

Happy Dog Couple

So she’s a little different!  So what!

Dog & Kitten


Stop And Smell The Flowers!

Apparently, animals know it’s a good idea!


And who are we to argue!


They don’t look stressed to me!

Smell The Flowers

What’s Life Without A Smile?

I regularly come across a number of photos of children and animals that are smiling and they’re beautiful.

So, why not share, right?  These are a few and try not to smile if you can!

Good luck!

Happy Baby & Dog

Happy Baby & Dog 1

Happy Koala

Happy Dog with Rabbits and Chicklet

Laughing Seal

Smiling Baby Alligator

Smiling Tiger

Smiling Pets

And Speaking Of Playful …

Growing up, our family had many pets – dogs, cats, fish, iguanas, hamsters, and an ocelot for close to a year.

So, I’ve always loved animals.  To me, they’re all beautiful and you’ll see me post pictures of them regularly.

And, what is as cute as a really playful puppy?

Playful Puppy

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