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Julierose and Ellona

These two young ladies are friends of mine.

On the right is Ellona Santiago and on the left is her sister, Julierose Sol.

That may not mean anything to you, but Ellona was a contestant this past season on X Factor.

Normally, I would want to post something positive and uplifting because that’s the theme of my blog and this post is no different.

What you may not know is the Julierose has been battling cancer since last year, almost a year now.  So, how could this be uplifting?


This is a picture that Julierose took earlier today and posted on Facebook and this is what she said:

Approximately a year ago…when I shaved my head in front of my family, cuzzos and relatives before chemo invaded my body it has been a very humbling experience and a life changing one To honor those who continue to battle #breastcancer or any type of #cancer…know that you are NOT alone (i did it again!) As my CEA results has been steady at 5.0 I am very greatful for all your continued support, prayers and LOVE I’m not gonna wait till full remission to party or live my life..nor I want my old workaholic life back… I’m going to LIVE now…though we don’t know what tomorrow holds for us…we can only guarantee TODAY. So with that being said…SMILE BACK, GIVE BACK & LOVE BACK. #onlyforedelle #GodisGreat #nohairdontcare #BaldisBeauty #Prayformealways

In 2007, I lost my best friend to cancer and I was with him every day from the time he was first diagnosed.

In 2008, I lost my dad to cancer.

More recently, another best friend has battled and beaten breast cancer.

Julierose is a fighter and she always finds a reason to smile. Her courage has always been an inspiration to me.

And, she is still winning, every day, against this killer disease and smiling all day long and I couldn’t be more proud of her.


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